Because we are always learning...


A new way of learning


Be learner is a powerful tool for training and learning.

But much more than just a simple solution for e-learning, this interactive web service is central to discovering and sharing new information.

BeLearner.com provides an opportunity, access and visibility in real-time to all users. Furthermore, this project’s agenda is to offer content and services in the areas of educational support, technical communication and multimedia project development. Our goal is to promote multiple interactive fields of education.


1. A large and diverse media library that is always up-to-date thanks to the sharing of data (videos, photos, texts, images, sounds and documents).


2. The opportunity to create new learning courses that are complete with questions and answers.


3.Interactive videos: a dynamic tool that interacts with video. 


4.The contribution of content and courses between the associated institutions.



BeLearner.com: Why?

Belearner.com is destined for teachers, educators, instructors and librarians that want to spread knowledge and skills to students, apprentices or adults in training.

 Would you like to manage resources so they become a tool refined to your needs? Are you looking for an interactive tool that incorporates questions and answers, is based on collaboration and promotes creativity and expression? Would you like to inspire your students in a modern digital environment?

Then BeLearner.com is made for you!

This resource available online, it is configurable, loaded with a few dozen different synchronous and asynchronous arrangements.

BeLearner.com is the answers to your needs of combining and organising a variety of different support tools and to add personal documents, all within a legal framework.

The material deposited by you or your peers will not devalue nor be damaged. The integrity of this material will be respected and appreciated, and its usage will be left entirely up to your educational preferences.

With BeLearner.com you will find both professional content, as well as, individual content from your colleagues.

In a step by step approach you will be able to publish and distribute your digital resources such as, your web documentary or your digital portfolio.